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30.04 - 10:36 pm
It's almost shameless how little I've put in my blog since I've redesigned my website. But that almost always means I'm actually doing things I should be doing, instead of messing around typing up trivia. 


Anna's started back with college in her second year. She's getting along with it a lot better, this time. I promised I'd help her out more.
I sent an ad into the local paper for my deviantART prints gallery today. It should come out in Thursday's paper. Hopefully, the little investment of money will have been worth it.
23.04 - 10:49 pm
Just wanted to show off my version of my squad banner in Continuum.

Aren't I cute?

08.04 - 7:07 pm
I really need to learn how to manage my time better. Need to start exercising, putting more time into my business, yadda. Also, I've been missing my dictionary readings. I'm losing my vocabulary and turning into a 6th grader. It's not a good thing.

So yeah. I'll really be working on that.

07.04 - 12:55 pm
My horoscope today reads:

Honesty breeds originality. Others are impressed by the candor with which you discuss your needs. You might even surprise yourself. Your strength may be in your vulnerability, so don't be too concerned with appearing strong. Charm is everything right now, and you've got plenty. When you speak, everyone leans in and listens closely. They will be receptive to your ideas. This is an excellent time to entertain guests, plan a dinner party or go on an outing with friends. 
Well, I'm going back to work on my JaCkinbOx drawing now, but there's so much I need to do today.

06.04 - 11:20 pm
I've been working most of the day, off and on, on this really serious rendition of JaCkinbOx with a style that's intended as a homage to the great Alphonse Mucha. It's coming together pretty nicely, and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow. I've put virtually all other drawing projects on hold until I get this one finished.

Wow. Me finishing a drawing. And here I thought the world would end sooner.

I've been getting some off-and-on flashes of my visualization ability. Not enough to really help, but I hope this means something.


In other news: Anna and I headed over to Asheville for part of the afternoon. She got some clothes, we ate out at Don Pablos (which wasn't quite up to the level of quality I was hoping for -- aside from their remarkable steak), and came back home. Oh, and we visited the Asheville Antique Barn. Cool stuff. That was basically it, though we did pick up some Subway sandwiches later in the day. It's been too long since I had Subway. Mmmm.


I wish I could make some money without working places like Wal-Mart or Lowes and such. I'm going to need to start campaigning for my illustration & advertising business, pretty soon. Furthermore, I need to get back to educating myself in webdesign so I can offer that as a [more reliable?] source of income in the future. I can probably get away with being a webdesigner as is, but I'd really like to add more nifties to my experience before I jump into it.