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Music of the Month 
"Your love is like a rollercoaster, baby, baby! I wanna ride." - Red Hot Chili Peppers
December 3, 2003 | 11:54 p.m. |
I'm going to paint the metallic backing on Anna's chair.


After years of having a former aversion to it, I now find "Seinfeld" rather amusing.

Who can resist a Junior Mint? They're so refreshing.

One of the cats recently poo'd on my floor. It's a remarkable shit; somehow, the cat managed to dump its fecal matter UNDER a pile of objects. This explains why it took me over a day to find the turds, despite the overwhelmingly vile stench.

I just used so many synonyms for "poop" that it's disturbing to me.

In other news, a silverback gorilla raped a woman. Such a traumatic incident is likely to provoke absurd, rhyme-y catch phrases for the news anchors. The one I foresee: "APE RAPE! ...Tonight at 11."

I pulled a Kramer, today.

December 3, 2003 | 12:31 a.m. |
You want some of this? Huh? You want some of THIS? Oh, yes, I think you do. You want it bad. Mmmm. Come get some, yeah. Come get it, baby.

I love our wassail.

I just got back from hanging out at Anna's house. We watched TV, and stuff. But I'm afraid she's relapsing, again. Her fever's gone back up. The poor girl needs some old-fashioned therapeutic lovin'. We're both coughin' up storms. Get better, hon'.

I also started back at work for PJ's. I've been away for over a week, on account of illness. It was a welcome vacation. I only work 3 hours for tomorrow morning, and then my schedule's clear for the rest of the week... However, one of the morning workers has apparently recently quit, so I'm effectively getting her hours. This means I'll have plenty more work in the following weeks. I think I may request some occasional evening hours in the next year, for a change of pace; I've been working the mornings for several months, now.

I hate my mothrafrogging computer. Just thought I'd share that with you.

December 2, 2003 | 12:38 a.m. |
I just got back from Anna's house. I went over to help out with decorations for Christmas. We decorated transparent, glass Christmas balls as we pleased. It was wonderful, I absolutely loved it. Most of the balls look great, too. We're considering maybe selling some of them. Sell them so we can buy more so we can make more so we can buy more so we can make more. It's a vicious cycle.

I took a batch of wassail with me for Anna's family to try. They really liked it. :D

I think I'll do some Christmas shopping, tomorrow. Who wants something and loves me very, very much?

December 1, 2003 | 5:19 p.m |
Givitaway-givitaway-givitaway, now. Givitaway-givitaway-givitaway, now. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers really gets me in the Christmas spirit.

December 1, 2003 | 10:58 a.m. |
Merry Christmas!

I was shocked to realize that today is the first day of December. Where's the time gone? But oh well. I have a great feeling about this Christmas. There's so much positive aura about it, I can just feel it.

In spite of being sick in excess of a week, I feel like I've been on vacation almost the whole time. I haven't had to work, at all. My humanity is restored. I feel whole, again. I should be working tomorrow, however, even though I'm still occasionally coughing Hell's angels out of my innards.