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05.17.04 - [12:54 am]
I got the opportunity to enjoy a live concert by the talented 66-year-old Bill Cosby at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. It was a great treat.

After the concert, Anna and I went to eat at Carrabba's. And we had calamari for the first time ever. It's really not that bad, surprisingly, but I'm not too big on it. I saw what I consider to be a significant social commentary in there, though. A small group of people -- dressed along the lines of Blink 182* -- were dining there. Imagine that. Punks in Carrabba's. Have we really regressed so far? It's not that big of a deal to me, mind you, but I do tend to promote good etiquette for establishments that are making an honest effort to be high class. Dressing like a punk is a serious faux pas, in this case.

On the plus side, they were leaving as we were coming in.

*Did I mention Blink 182 is overrated, much like its boyband successors (Good Charlotte among some others), and that they suck monkeys?

05.07.04 - [4:22 pm]
In theory, my job should be a little more accomodating tonight. I'm only working from 5 till closing. 30-minute break (and possibly a 15), so it'll be a little under 5 hours, if not right at it.

I've been feeling a little stressed, today, for some reason. I shouldn't be, though. The weather is far too beautiful to not feel ashamed for feeling upset.

I think what's nagged me the most is that I had originally planned to check with Hobnob on any job openings, but I've been too busy and it would be rude to call them at this hour, I do believe. I'm going to have to wait until Sunday to check up on them, because I'm going to be so damned busy until then.

I've decided if both Hobnob and Casey's decides to be butts and turn me down, then I'm going to head back into the pizza delivery life. Only part-time, however.

At least I'll have 3-day work weeks with Wal-Mart, effective upon the 15th of the month. If I'm still stuck with them by then, it should be easier to cope with. I am so sick of the Wal-Mart bullshit.

05.05.04 - [10:34 pm]
My day off today has been a lazy day. A decent day, aside from a certain someone being somewhat of a butt. I've pretty much been ready for bed since I got up this morning.

Anna and I went to eat at the grand opening of some new Mexican restaurant in Hendersonville to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, on account of El Paso's being packed. It was pretty good, in most respects. They may show promise, but they seemed a wee bit disorganized.

After we left the restaurant, we got some books at the Blue Ridge Mall.

And yeah.

05.05.04 - [1:01 am] - Cinco de Mayo
It just now dawned on me that we're in the month of May now. April just kinda flew right by, really.

I was scheduled to work 05/04/04, but I got ill from food poisoning at pretty much the last minute, and so I called in sick. The seriousness of the illness passed soon after, so I spent most of my day ENJOYING MYSELF. I have never been so thrilled to get sick in my life.

I did some shopping with Anna, today. I got a really cool black dress shirt. I've been wanting something like this for awhile. And I got some other stuff, too. I've been in need of new clothes, lately.

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