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11.30.04 | 4:51 pm > Simplicity
We must bring a sort of simplicity into our lives. We complicate our lives by not cleaning up after ourselves. An empty small space is more desireable than a heavily cluttered large space.

By simplifying our habits and lifestyles, we learn to prioritize. We discover and rediscover who we are, who and where we want to be. Our minds are capable of great and wonderous feats, but in common practice it is a simple thing. It desires to be fed things of interest, and time alone with it so it may digest it properly. It isn't to dissimilar to food, in fact. If we eat a large variety of different food at once, it usually doesn't sit well and you can't get the most nutrition out of it as you would with a more simple diet.

</philosophical wanderings>

11.15.04 | 3:11 pm  >  Finding Myself
I've come to realize that I haven't exactly been doing my duty as an artist.  I haven't been true to myself; I haven't respected my creative potential.  I have always had my desire to be a great artist, but I haven't maintained my passion for it; I haven't maintained the driving force that makes myself, and all artists, great.  I haven't made it something I put my every other thought into... I haven't for so long allowed myself to become lost in my own creative potential.  I haven't been allowing myself to explore the depths.  I haven't been infatuating myself with the boundless ideas I've been suppressing all this time by following routines.  The routines I've allowed to take over my life have been ruining who I am...  I've been drawing without soul, without meditation, and with half-realized inspirations.  When I'm "in the zone," so to speak, I am the drawing.  I can see it and feel it from the inside out.

Visual artistry is my love.  There's no satisfaction quite like perfectly expressing your imagination in imagery.

I'd like to thank Andrew Jones for re-inspiring me.  He seems to be pretty good about that.  We'll see where I can go from here.  His artist's statement influenced this blog entry into existence:

My name is Andrew Jones, I am currently a senior at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.  My chosen field of studio is computer animation with emphasis on film design.  My art is my love, my life, and my destiny.  People often ask me if my talent is a gift, talent is not a gift, talent is something that is earned by discipline, hard work and dedication, the only gift I possess is my desire to draw. A desire that has always been with me, it keeps me up at night, and then haunts me in my dreams.  It is like a thirst that can never be quenched, a fire that never burns out.  The work on these pages represent some of my best attempts to satisfy my desire.
        Every line I make is a prayer, every stroke is a celebration of life.  What you see on these pages is the root of my existence, it is why I am here, your fate has brought you to my page, and my fate has brought this page to you.


Andrew Jones 11/9/99

11.01.04  >  Tomorrow, the Election
One day from today, we face the election between Herman Munster and Curious George.  Who will win?  Stay tuned.
"The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them."
- Mark Twain