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17.04 - 5:45 pm
I spent the night at the Creasman's last night, 'cause hurricane Ivan was rolling in and it was too dark to safely drive from here to home. Didn't want to take the chance.

Today, we drove around the neighborhood to admire the destruction. There are a lot of downed branches and trees. One tree that fell nearly landed on the Brevard Inn. They were very lucky.

12.04 - 5:25 pm
I want to immerse myself in my world of dreams,
where the lights glow brighter and the carolers sing.

05.04 - 11:26 pm
The weekend hasn't been terribly productive, I'm afraid. But we've all needed the time out. Should get things done tomorrow, though.

At the moment, Anna's organizing a bunch of her old jewelry to sell on Ebay.

I've somewhat fallen into a rut of laziness, though, so I'm typing up a to-do list to remind myself of my intentions. These are due for tomorrow.

+ Learn how the heck iframes are programmed.

+ Work on some advertising.

+ Do at least one life drawing -- real-media.

Nice weather lately.

By the way, why are you reading my boring blog? And don't I have better things to do than burn ten minutes writing this entry based on my irresponsibility? Ironic.