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I think we should carry as many glass-bottled beverages as possible, instead of the plastic or canned variety. 

Furthermore, how will we go about the weekly menu? Here's what I'm thinking, so far:

1 - 2 soups per week. (Also influenced by customer recipe submissions.)
1 "special of the day" per day. This will be put on the daily list in order of popularity.
1 "special of the week". This will be chosen, week by week, either out of a list or recipes we'll be composing, or recipes submitted by customers who want us to try it*.

Most beverages will be 24/7, but influenced by our own ideas and outside submissions for new ones. We'll leave out or alter whatever isn't good. And by "good," I do mean good. We both know that staying above average in every possible way will pay off. We are trying to make a legacy, here, after all.

*I suggest leaving a paper slip on each dining surface for the purpose of submitting recipe suggestions, or leave a collection of them on our bar for people to pick up. Maybe both.

What say you? 

JaCkinbOx | 01|18/03

 I love you so much, Mashu.  I am honored to be working side by side towards such an awesome goal with you.  Thank you for including me and loving me.  You're all I want.  Even more than the coffeeshop, even more than a projection screen TV... even more than that #@$% Beetle.  ;p  

Dreamscaperette | 12/29/03

It's funny.  All of the time I spent worrying and thinking this day would never come... and it's here. 

It's here, and it's ours.  It's you and me now, and that's all we need.  These past few months have 
been horribly busy, what with all of the buisness related things, decorating and personal matters to 
attend to... and I've never been more happy.  I didn't know life could be this great, this fulfilling. 
But I must go now, our first real customer awaits. 

Dreamscaperette | 11/11/03

It's the night of the grand opening of Dreamscape. I can't believe we've finally gotten to this point. It's like a new start for the rest of our lives together. I dreamed of this moment for what seems like forever. All of our time and commitment has paid off. I can't necessarily foresee the future of our establishment, but I recognize Dreamscape as a second home for us -- if not our true home.
JaCkinbOx | 11/11/03