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This page is reserved for recording meaningful thoughts on the topic of religion. I wish to fill it with a broad range of opinions aside from my own, eventually, so submissions are appreciated. Contact me via AIM: excerebroser.
Salvation.    Some believe you can buy it off with monetary donations, others believe you can work for it, other others believe you're given it freely by just "accepting Jesus into your heart". Just how that acceptance thing is supposed to work, I don't know. I've tried it three times with complete sincerity, with no noticeable effects. So having done what's available, I'm left only with what I have been doing: living the life I'm given, to the best of my ability. What all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful God would condemn any man in search of the truth? This said, I am not concerned for the future of my eternal soul. I believe God will allow for me to know what I need to know, within the time I need to know it. 
JaCkinbOx | 11/10/03

Trinity (Christianity).    One part man, one part spirit, one part supreme lord over all of mothrafroggin' everything. Can anyone really make sense of it? [Work in progress.]

JaCkinbOx | 11/13/03